there is no Other CD

Rhiannon Giddens’ album there is no Other, recorded with the Italian multi-instrumentalist Francesco Turrisi, was produced by Joe Henry and tracked over five days in Dublin. The album is at once a condemnation of “othering” and a celebration of the spread of ideas, connectivity, and shared experience. "From the beginning of our musical partnership, Francesco and I have been struck with the commonality of the human experience through music; how instruments, modes, and the very functions of songs and tunes are universal from culture to culture,” says Giddens. “The overwhelming feeling we have is that there is no Other.”

Release date: May 3, 2019

Track Listing
1. Ten Thousand Voices
2. I’m Gonna Write Me a Letter
3. Wayfaring Stranger
4. there is no Other
5. Trees On The Mountains
6. Pizzica di San Vito
7. Brown Baby
8. Briggs’ Forró
9. Little Margaret
10. Black Swan
11. I’m On My Way
12. He Will See You Through

Deluxe vinyl edition will be released in the fall, with details to come.